Faced with the pandemic, and the closure of the physical campus of the Berkshire School in Sheffield MA, rather than being defeated by COVID-19, Berkshire High Peaks Festival mounted its 11th annual festival virtually!

All 22 festival events from July 20 - 31 have been archived and are available to view on our YouTube channel.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous supporters who have made this year's festival possible:

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Monday, July 20th

11:00 AM
-- Alexander Shtarkman, “32 Piano Sonatas—Beethoven Journey”
Russian-born pianist Alexander Shtarkman will take us into the Beethoven cosmos in a voyage through works that great piano masters have approached with humility and awe.


7:30 PM
-- Francis Morris, "The Mystique of Cremona--and How to Care for Your String Instrument"
A probing into why the great string instrument makers emerged in one remote region of Italy and how the tradition of fine craftsmanship became associated with Italy. Violin maker Francis Morris will also present tips on the care and maintenance of string instruments.

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Tuesday, July 21st

11:00 AM
-- Joan Tower, "Composing in the 21st Century -- Where Are Contemporary Composers Heading?"
Doyenne of American composers, Joan Tower will share her many-decade adventures breaking ground with her kinetic and colorful composition, and now bridging the 20th and 21st centuries.


7:30 PM
-- Peter Zazofsky –Violin Masterclass
Enjoy insights into what it takes to declare yourself a musician. Going beyond the instrumental and digital into content and artistic message via violin playing. Meet some of our violin participants as they blossom under the watchful eye of master teacher Peter Zazofsky.

Wednesday, July 22nd

11:00 AM
-- Jay Lesenger – Masterclass for Vocalists, "The Acting Singer"
A magical transformation will unfold before your eyes as the Carmens, Violettas, Figaros and Papagenos in our midst move from interesting to compelling under the direction of an unparalleled coach and opera director.


4:00 PM
-- Atar Arad –Viola Masterclass & "So You Want to Join a Quartet!"
The role of the viola: Reminiscences about music-making as a member of the Cleveland Quartet, before the proliferation of string quartets – and working with High Peaks violists and violinists to highlight musicianship, responsibility to the text and to the composer.

Thursday, July 23rd

11:00 AM
-- Aleba Gartner and Phil Kline, "Trending Now!"
How has the world of publicity changed under quarantine? How can organizations and artists stay relevant during this time? What are some of the examples of artists and organizations leading the way forward in a pandemic, and how does this work? What kind of content are editors and writers looking for?


7:30 PM
-- Danielle Talamantes and Kerry Wilkerson--Masterclass for vocalists
A masterclass for vocalists with Danielle Talamantes and Kerry Wilkerson, founders of the High Peaks Vocal Program

Friday, July 24th

11:00 AM
-- Eliot Fisk, "The Segovia Legacy—Five Centuries of the Guitar”
“Teaching is a profoundly important part of my work. As the last direct pupil of Andres Segovia and of harpsichordist Ralph Kirkpatrick I feel a responsibility to pass on the secrets of the great romantic tradition that first inspired me.” An interactive discussion with one of the great and colorful carriers of the guitar mantle!


7:30 PM
-- Kivie Cahn-Lipman, “Going for Baroque—In Theory and Practice”
Baroque specialist Kivie Cahn-Lipman will provide historic perspective, shedding light on both musical and instrumental differences from more contemporary approaches. He will discuss the influence of baroque practice on sound production, articulation and interpretation.

Saturday, July 25th

7:30 PM
Concert -- "Moonlight Sonatas" with faculty, students and alumni

Sunday, July 26th

4:00 PM
-- Garen Tolkin, "Be a Star! Looking Your Best In the Limelight" Part I (with High Peaks participants)
Make-up artist to the stars Garen Tolkin teaches us about creating our own brand as performers. In our very visual world, where judgments are made before the first note is sounded, appearances count for everything! Participants will be dressed in concert attire to be guided and critiqued by a renowned expert.


7:30 PM
-- Concert-- "Moonlight Sonatas" with faculty, students and alumni

Monday, July 27th

11:00 AM
-- Yehuda Hanani – Cello Masterclass
The miracle of the Bach suites. Yehuda Hanani unearths the secrets and the layers of possibility in the forever fresh six suites, bringing revelation to his cello students.


7:30 PM
-- Walter Ponce, Book Talk, "The Tyranny of Traditions in Piano Teaching--A Critical History from Clementi to the Present"
An iconoclastic look at the “received” methods to teach piano – and why they can be destructive, counter-productive, and abusive. Pianist Walter Ponce is former chair of the Piano Department at UCLA and his new book is a challenge to the hallowed piano establishment!

Tuesday, July 28th

4:00 PM
-- Leah Plave, "The Rediscovery of Dutch Composer Henriette Bosmans"
In the spirit of discovery, Berkshire High Peaks alumna Leah Plave, has recorded forgotten works by a composer who was highly regarded also as pianist (she played 22 times with the Concertgebou Orchestra!) and feted in Holland of the 1920’s and 1930’s, and is now ripe for rediscovery.


7:30 PM
-- Garen Tolkin, "Be a Star! Looking Your Best in the Limelight" Part II (with High Peaks participants)
Make-up artist to the stars Garen Tolkin teaches us about creating our own brand as performers. In our very visual world, where judgments are made before the first note is sounded, appearances count for everything! Participants will be dressed in concert attire to be guided and critiqued by a renowned expert.

Wednesday, July 29th

11:00 AM
-- Jeffrey Zeigler, "On the Road with the Kronos Quartet--Adventures in Repertoire" & Masterclass for cellists
Traveling beyond the usual realm of classical cello, as told by Jeffrey Zeigler, winner of an Avery Fisher prize, the Chamber Music America National Service Award and The Asia Society’s Cultural Achievement Award. Composers, commissions, colleagues—and a demonstration of how to bring to life contemporary pieces with a High Peaks participant.


7:30 PM
-- Irina Muresanu – Violin Masterclass
Refinement, precision, attack. Master teacher Irina Muresanu works with participants to ready them for recitals, competitions, juries, jobs in the profession. Hear a work-in-progress progress!

Thursday, July 30th

11:00 AM
-- Yehuda Hanani, "Early Morning Thoughts on Bach"
Bach as a springboard and gateway to thoughts on the paradox and challenge of the “historically correct” approach to music, art and theater—reproduction vs. recreation. There will be examples from architecture, sculpture, approaching Shakespeare, etc.


7:30 PM
-- Concert-- "Moonlight Sonatas" with faculty, students and alumni

Friday, July 31st

11:00 AM
-- Masterclass for vocalists -- Jay Lesenger, Danielle Talamantes, Kerry Wilkerson
This session will showcase our gifted voice students in a range of repertoire – from lieder to opera to musical theater.


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